Château La Fleur Bellevue White​


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Tên sản phẩmChâteau La Fleur Bellevue White
Giống nhoSauvignon Blanc - Muscadelle
Loại: Trắng
Quốc gia: Pháp
VùngPremieres Cotes de Blaye 
Nhà sản xuấtChateau la Rose Beellevu

Đặc điểm thử nếm"Eye: Limpid.The colour is pale yellow with greyish golden hints.
Nose: Expressive, complex nose achieve without swirling.Initially the nose reveals citrus notes (grapefruit) with gentle white peaches nuances. 
After swirling floral notes (white flower) and exotic fruits appear.
Mouth: The attack is full of flovour and supple.The final is aromatic and finishes with the fruit.The acidity is well-balanced."

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